New airport in Algarve

Image Good news for property investors as a second airport is announced for Portugal's western Algarve.

A new airport, serving the western Algarve, has been given the go-ahead and it is expected to be built near the new international racing circuit, close to Mexilhoeira Grande, in Portimão.

Experts at Portugal’s Civil Aviation Authority have given the plans the green light and environmental and financial studies are expected to be completed next month.

The new airport is expected to have a wider and longer runway than Faro airport and is one of the top priorities for the Associação de Municípios Lagos-Portimão, the association recently created by the câmaras of these two towns.

According to Manuel da Luz, President of Portimão Câmara and of the new Associação de Municípios Lagos-Portimão, the objective is to “attract low cost and private airlines to land in the region so that hotel clients come directly to this specific region”, without the need to use the bus transfer service.

António Pina, the new president of the Região de Turismo do Algarve (RTA), the Regional Tourism Board, is also optimistic about the project. “It will complement Faro Airport,” he told The Resident. “I’ve always regarded these local projects as excellent opportunities for tourism development in the Algarve, even when I was Faro’s Civil Governor.”

It is hoped the airport will attract both low cost and private airlines and will enable more people to visit the hotels and facilities in this part of the Algarve without any lengthy transfers.

According to the new Plano Regional de Ordenamento do Território do Algarve (PROTAL), the regional plan for development in the Algarve, which has already been approved by the Portuguese government, this is one of three new airports planned for the region.